Friday, July 27, 2007

Reliance India Call - Making India Closer

Reliance India Call is an international long distance calling service from Reliance Communications Ltd, offering calls to over 200 countries. For Call to India, the calls are seamlessly carried through our very own high quality telecom network starting from our hubs in North America all the way to a Reliance wireline and wireless user in India providing amazingly high voice quality and better connectivity. Reliance India Call offers these quality sevices at the best possible prices so that you never have to think twice about making a call to India.

Easy -Dial Feature

EasyDial is a speed-dial feature that allows you to store and easily dial your 10 most important contacts in India and is a free service. To setup EasyDial, login to 'My Account', and select the 'EasyDial' menu option. Enter the contact's name. Select a Short Code for the contact with 3 0r loss digits. Finally, enter the contact's phone number. This phone number should begin with country code ('91' for India) and follow with the entire phone number' as you would dial it normally. To use the feature - Dial your Reliance India Call access number. If calling from an unregistered phone number then enter your registered phone number + PIN. When prompted for destination number, just enter the EasyDial Short Code.

Register with Reliance India Call, win 2 movie tickets for the movie "Cash". Winners will be chosen from a lucky draw, randomly, and their names shall be announced on the website on 30th July 2007.

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